Lilly & Vine Lavender Linen Spray (4.0 oz)

  • BLISSFUL RELAXATION: Mist our lavender essential oil linen spray into the air and on your linens. As you breathe in, you will instantly feel a calming sensation wash over you.
  • ANXIETY RELIEF: Day or night - soothe your senses allowing for peace of mind and gentle sleep.
  • THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL: We use only the best quality lavender essential oil in our aromatherapy spray. Handcrafted in the USA by our local artisan.
  • FALL ASLEEP AND SLEEP WELL: Mist on your pillow, linens, and into the air. Fall asleep with ease and enjoy the depth of sleep you reach. Awaken more refreshed with the natural properties of lavender essential oil.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so sure you will love our Lavender pillow spray! Each bottle comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Relax. Calm. Soothe.

Release Tension. Sleep Well. Lift Your Spirits.

Lavender has been known for centuries to naturally help our bodies let go of stressors that keep us tense and unable to relax. Lilly & Vine’s Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray is made with the highest quality Lavender Essential Oil to help you to feel more relaxed right away. Just like breathing in meditation helps to center and relax you, taking deep breaths of our Lavender Spray will help you to get into a truly calm state. Use during the day to release tension and feel more centered, and use at night to slip into a restful sleep faster, and to stay asleep longer. Long after your senses adjust to being able to smell the lavender, it continues to infuse your rest with its calming properties.

While other sprays may contain a blend of oils, ours is purely lavender and does not contain any synthetic (fabricated) scents. To be able to experience the tension-releasing, and sleep-inducing properties of lavender, the essential oil extracted from the lavender flower must be present. Our oils are extracted using steam distillation and our Lavender Sleep Spray is hand-crafted by our local Artisan in the USA. Each batch is tested for quality and scent before being hand-bottled and sent out to you!

If you love aromatherapy, or are new to using essential oils for aromatherapy, you will be so pleased with our lavender essential oil spray. If for any reason you need to exchange or return, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every bottle.

Directions: Mist your pillows and linens with Lavender Essential Oil Spray and inhale. Feel the calm, soothing aroma wash over you. Even after your senses have become used to the scent, the calming will continue to relax you.

 During the day, mist the Lavender Essential Oil spray into the air, and breathe deeply. Repeat as often as you wish to feel relief from stress, anxiety, and tension. Also a great way to begin meditation.


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